Yves Lafont

Homotopy and homology of rewriting

Yves Lafont (Université d’Aix-Marseille)


This lecture presents deep connexions between various areas of maths and theoretical computing:

  • word rewriting: convergent presentations of a monoid (or a category) ;
  • homological algebra: homology groups of a monoid (or a category) ;
  • braid groups and generalisations: Garside families in a monoid (or a category) ;
  • higher categories and homotopical algebra: finite derivation type and polygraphic resolutions.

Outline of the lecture

This approach was initiated by Craig Squier (1987): by showing that the critical pairs of rewriting define generators for homology in dimension 3, he could build a finitely presentable monoid for which the word problem is decidable, but which has no convergent finite presentation. The result has been generalized to higher dimension by Yuji Kobayashi (1990), and then reformulated in a homotopical framework by Craig Squier himself (1994). It was adapted to the case of gaussian groups by Patrick Dehornoy and Yves Lafont (2003), which allows, for instance, to compute the homology of braid groups. Word rewriting was also generalized to the case of 2-presentations by Albert Burroni (1993) and Yves Lafont (2003). Following this, François Métayer introduced the notion of polygraphic resolution (2003), which is the homotopical version of free resolutions (2009). This is also called a cofibrant replacement in homotopical algebra.

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