The ISR 2021 conference is announced and organized (virtually) in Madrid, please check it out there


Term rewriting is a simple but powerful model of computation which has numerous applications in computer science and many other fields: mathematics, quantum physics, biology, music, model checking, logic, programming languages, …

This school proposes to master students, PhD students and researchers, two parallel tracks:

  • Basic track: introduction to first-order term rewriting and λ-calculus
  • Advanced track: advanced lectures on rewriting theory (graph rewriting, conditional rewriting, geometry of rewriting, computational complexity of rewrite systems) and an overview of many applications of rewriting techniques in other fields (quantum physics, biology, music, automated deduction, model checking).

Organizers: Frédéric Blanqui (INRIA) and Olivier Hermant (MINES ParisTech).

This event is promoted by the IFIP WG 1.6 and supported by MINES ParisTech, INRIA, the DIM RFSI of the Paris Ile-de-France Region, the GDR GPL and the LSV.

Related events: ISR takes place just after the 4th International Conference on Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction (FSCD’19), 24-30 June, Dortmund, Germany, and there is a direct Thalys train from Dortmund to Paris taking about 5 hours. ISR takes also place just before the 12th Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM’12), 8-12 July, Prague, Czech Republic, and there are cheap direct flights from Paris to Prague taking about 1h40 only.

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