The accommodation is not included in registration fees. You need to organize it by yourself. Here is a number of places you can try (hotel stars are indicated when known).

Student accomodation may be available at International University Campus in Paris, a beautiful place located only 15 minutes by public transportation from the school (door to door). Rates are very competitive (85€/night for a room with private bathroom, 75€ for a shared bathroom).

To apply, you need to fill-in the “Hôte de passage” form :

  1. Switch to French language if you prefer
  2. Click “Begin with the application”
  3. Choose “short-term guest/short stay/alumni”
  4. Answer the questions and validate your request

Mention “ISR summer school” (with the link) and your student status if possible. You will then receive a confirmation email. Each “CIUP House” will receive your request and contact you, depending on its availability.

However, the houses have no obligation to contact you, so you may receive no offer. You can also try to directly get in touch with the CIUP House of your own country or province.

Accommodations close to the school:

Accommodations a little bit further:

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